Mysticism : The heartbeat of Islam

What is faith according to Islam? Faith is belief in : One God : A Divine Presence, In the existence of spiritual beings known as angels In the revelations of God, the Psalms revealed to David, the Torah sent down to Moses, the New Testament brought to Jesus and the Final Testament, The living Qur'an brought to Muhammad all the prophets that were sent as mercy to mankind : The Judgement Day and Resurrection The Divine Decree destiny


The Hidden Powers of Allah

Welcome to the world of Unseen Forces

Shamanism, occult powers, psychicism, ESP, geniis [Djinn], magickal pearls, psychic projection, astral travel, magick, charms, clairvoyance, Powerful spells, telepathy, magical empowerment: Legitimate Magick


This space is a source of metaphysical empowerments that exist, I have gone to great lengths to aquire this knowledge! And have taken greater measures to protect it, it is only visible to the Sincere and only accessible to the True seeker.

If you are fortunate enough to find your way here, you have been divinelyguided and it will be a significant leap in your spiritual as well as your worldly existence if you bring this knowledge into action and make it part of your own reality.

Vibrating Higher

Among the information you will find Ancient secret knowledge that will increase and amplify the powers of any Prayers or Spells, Please do not underestimate the Power they hold and Remember be careful what you wish for! The Law of Karma is always in effect as with all Universal Laws.

If you are interested in obtaining Powerful Talismen, please send, your full name and address, date of birth, the name of your parents, and the necessary funds for compensating the work. The empowerments may be received by anyone regardless of race, religion, sex, age, etc.

Free Magick Talismen

I do however understand that most people who enter into this paradigm are in need of immediate protection and a change in 'Luck' and fortune, I have therefore extended a large part of important information needed in this time, for everyone and share my knowledge freely, all the information I offer is solely for the Empowerment of the self and understand our limitless potential as humans living a 3 dimensional experience, Please take the time to navigate the different links and find the connections you need to understand universal Law and natural Phenomena.

I offer several Islamic Magickal Talisman for different purposes, due to their power it can easily be manipulated by the dark forces and I therefore do not have them viewable to the public, They are powerful secrets that have been entrusted to me by various sources and if it wasn't for the vital importance of balancing the poles at this time, I would not be offering these types of Empowering formulae at all.

I ask those who are sincere in heart and TRUE seekers to email me and I will foward free of charge the Talisman, All other services and Magick items can be found at the Link Spirit Sanctuary [side menu]
Please spend time to navigate the interconnected Blogspots that I have linked to each other, it is so for a purpose and each person will intuitively find his own path through to match his own evolving understanding. Find here all the tools for Freedom and Empowerment you will need for these Strange and powerful time!

Peace and Blessings !