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Astral Wars & Etheric Intervention

In today's modern world psychic protection has never been more important. Anyone who works with the public everyday can benefit from this knowledge, especially those serving Humanity in some way.

It is of vital importance for anyone pursuing a spiritual path or psychic development.In fact anyone who is doing any kind of service in the name of the Lord, Psychic protection can make all the difference in the distractions and Psychic Attacks as well as developing ones gifts safely!

Some may believe during their spiritual training that their "guides" will protect them. This is not always the case. Psychic protection should always been your own responsibility. On some occasions they may indeed provide protection but they do not do so all of the time. There may be instances where they a not permitted to intervene and must allow things to happen.

The individual concerned is upon their own path and good and bad experiences must be embraced together. Each experience teaches the soul a very valuable lesson and paves the way towards enlightenment.

Psychic Attack can come in many forms. This is usually the result of a weakened auric field which allows negative energy to penetrate the bodies defences. Insecurity, guilt, blame, fear, indecisiveness, stress, negative habits and thoughts, alcohol, drugs, emotional upset can all take their toll on the aura.

The seven main energy centres of the body (chakras) can become congested preventing the normal flow of the life force through the body. (This can also be affected by geopathic stress)

As well as manifesting illnesses this also makes it all the more easier for spirits and entities to make attachments and form a parasitic relationship with the host. This can leave the person feeling extremely exhausted, often suffering from aches and pains and also headaches.

Discarnate entities (earthbound spirits) can be attracted to the living through a desire to experience the things they enjoyed whilst alive. If their will is strong they can overshadow the personality of the living individual. This may involve simply entering the auric field or an attempt to enter the body. Some that have experienced this "know" that they are "not" themselves.

Once in the lower astral many negative spirits are unable to reincarnate due to many evil deeds in their last life. They remain their until they learn their lessons. This may take a great deal of time for some and some many never move on as they are so wrapped in bitterness and the desire for earthly pleasures. Being restricted from acquiring an earthly body, the next best thing for them, is to attach themselves to the living, particularly someone who finds enjoyment in the same things they did.

Some entity attachments have formed through relationships/cords sometimes through ancestors or old contracts. In one particular case, the spirit, manifesting from the lower realms, made itself present in the clients life.

Upon psychic investigation it was discovered that this was a situation resulting from a 'blood tie' through an old curse on her father, in fact manifesting itself onto both his Daughters [her sister included] both suffering the same fate. The entity who continued to be a very negative individual even in death was refusing to move on. Even through it was explained that he was also holding himself back spiritually.

Sometimes it can be quite complicated, for it is not merely a question of spirit removal but also the balancing of karma.

It is not just unseen forces that can be harmful. People can be equally as dangerous, often this is unconscious on their part. Feeling jealous, angry and hateful towards someone or gossiping are all forms of psychic attack.

Some people may leave you feeling drained and depressed. This is because they are either unconsciously drawing from your energy or are deliberately wishing to take it. Anyone who is demanding, selfish and extremely negative can deplete your energy.

In most instances they are not even aware that it is taking place as they are so wrapped up in their own emotions and problems. One must understand that these people need help and healing and it is best to imagine sending them love and light and to hope that they themselves realize how to change things in their own life.

It is best to limit your contact with people like this. Another good way of protection yourself from energy "vampires" is to fold your arms across your solar plexus and cross your ankles. This prevents them from drawing upon your energy as it seals off your auric field.

There are many forms of psychic attack but you should never feel afraid as there are equally as many ways to protect yourself. Remember, forewarned is forearmed!

Forms of Psychic Attack can entail

A heavy weight upon the chest.
Entity attachments
Spirit attachments
Negative people
Black magic
Aches & Pains
A run of so called "bad luck"

Every other avenue must be explored before deciding that it is a "psychic attack."

Forms of Psychic Protection

There are several different ways but which ever way feels comfortable is the best.
You can visualize:

Putting on a cloak of protection

Being in a column of light

Being inside a glowing flame

Putting on a suit of armour

Protection Bubble

In the Article section there is Information on Psychic Defense & Astral Warfare, You must understand that there is a balance of polarities and the Angelic Realms will always prevail, against any odds, but ONLY if you are engaged in Action, and conscious of where your thoughts/energy is directed, so read, learn and Empower yourselves with this natural ability.

It should be noted that when you are in combat Astrally, we in the physical realm are the initiaters, the moment we become active the Angelic realm becomes your support system, you get plugged into a dynamic expansive universal consciousness, where ALL that IS is available , much like an army of souls gathered.

When Should I protect myself?

Protection should be undertaken at different segments of the day ~ Everyday!

It is also beneficial to practice psychic protection each morning on waking, every evening before going to sleep [for protection whilst on the astral plane] and when coming into contact with negative people who can vampire your energy. It only takes a minute and it gets easier to visualize each time.

Thoughts are very powerful! Thoughts have energy! Always remember it is your INTENTION, if your intention is strong then so will be your protection.

Gifting with Orgone and Boosting [incl. Praying] are the most dynamic ways to negate the destructive intent and Energy of Darksiders.

check out the link to [OR] section for more info on the Power of Orgone.